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          New Jersey Magician, Mark H. Wurst got started in magic at the early age of 5.  Markís father, Howard Wurst was an accomplished area magician and was eager to pass on many secrets to his son.  After assisting his father for a number of years, Mark made his solo debut in 1983.  That was the year he began performing at childrenís birthday parties.

          In the years that followed, Mark developed his hilarious comedy magic shows for children and adult audiences.  He also honed his craft at Tannenís Magic Camp on Long Island, NY, where he studied with the best in the business.

           In 1993, Mark moved to southern California and became a member of one of the most prestigious organizations in the magic world.  That organization is the Academy Of Magical Arts, also known as The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

          In December, 2004, Mark and his wife Marie moved back home to New Jersey to start a family of their own and bring their magic and comedy to lots of new audiences.

          Mark currently makes his living performing over 300 shows each year.  He performs at schools, libraries, corporate events and private parties, as well as other venues in between.  His unique brand of Comedy Magic makes him a frequent call back for adult and childrenís groups alike.

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New Jersey Magician Mark H. Wurst Makes Events Exciting Successful and Fun